Email your councillor

Friends of the Earth Scotland, Common Weal and UNISON Scotland want to see councils:

  • Publicly commit to divestment from fossil fuels.
  • Increase pension investment in renewable energy and social housing.

To email your councillors simply visit Write To Them and follow the instructions.

Here is a template message you can use:

Dear (Councillors name),

I am writing to you to express my concern about the investments of the Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme which invests £1.7 billion in fossil fuel companies.

Pension funds should be invested in the best long-term interests of their members: fund members are not well served by investments which drive climate change and undermine human rights.

Local and national governments are taking steps to curb the use of fossil fuels. As this happens the value of coal, oil and gas companies will fall. By continuing to invest in fossil fuels councils are gambling on an industry whose days are numbered.

Local councils could be investing funds into much-needed social housing and local renewable energy schemes.

Falkirk Council has funded 300 new homes and the Strathclyde Pension Fund has invested in renewable energy schemes.

629 institutions around the world with combined investments of US $5.5 trillion have made a commitment to divest from fossil fuels, including the Church of Scotland, the University of Glasgow and councils like South Yorkshire and London’s Waltham Forest.

Can you tell me what steps the council is taking to end fossil fuel investments and invest responsibly? Do you agree that the council should divest its pension fund from fossil fuels and reinvest in infrastructure that benefits the local community?

Finally if you do support our campaign you should sign our petition at


(Your name)

If you get a response send a copy to this campaign by emailing

If you want to follow-up your email with a meeting, read the step-by-step guide on lobbying councillors produced by Friends of the Earth Scotland.

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