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cover_final_v2The Report

The content of this website is based on the report ‘Divest and Reinvest Scotland: council pensions for a future worth living in’. This report is available as a printable PDF document which you can download here.

An updated short summary of the campaign will shortly be available as a 2-sided A4 briefing.

Contacting councillors

Friends of the Earth Scotland, Common Weal and UNISON Scotland are asking council candidates and their parties to commit to:

  • Publicly commit to divestment from fossil fuels.
  • Increase council pension investment in renewable energy and social housing

To email sitting councillors visit Write To Them and follow the instructions. You can find a template email message here.

If you are thinking of meeting your local councillor use the step-by-step guide for lobbying councillors produced by Friends of the Earth Scotland.

If councillors wish to help lead a campaign for divestment they can find advice in this in-depth guide for local councillors.

Guidance for campaigners

Are you interested in campaigning on this issue in your local area? You will find this excellent campaign guide produced by useful.

Some issues are also discussed in more indepth guidance in the articles on our blog.

For more information about how local councils can invest in renewable energy you should consult this report by our partners Community Reinvest.

A global list of organisations that have pledged to divest from fossil fuels is maintained by

Friends of the Earth produced a briefing to the Lothian Pension Fund in June 2015.

For more technical guidance consult the National Scheme Advisory Board website.

News and updates

For up-to-the-minute information follow these websites:

Campaign Organisers